Adorable Pillows Inc.
(718) 272-1722
Adorable Pillows is one of the best pillow manufacturers that you'll encounter. Ever since 1982, it has been making all sorts of pillows - from regular shapes to special soft contours that can ease an aching back. Adorable Pillows is a family owned business. It started when the founding patriarch made pillows and sold them in the street. Such humble trade grew into a full-fledged business that served thousands of clients within the Tri-State area, and across the country. The company even received orders from other parts of the US.

One of the greatest strengths of Adorable Pillows is its family oriented nature. Every order is handled with care, and the Adorable Pillows team is friendly with all customers. Whenever you have questions, Adorable Pillows representatives will do their best to give the answers. Adorable Pillows also has a proactive customer support system. Customer issues are handled through a quick process and everyone is treated fairly.